Good kisses of Russia: wave of attacks in the rançongiciel

Bons baisers de Russie: vague d’attaques au rançongiciel

Hackers based in Russia have launched a new wave of attacks against u.s. companies to kick of ransomware that can encrypt the data and make them available only in exchange for the payment of a ransom, warned researchers in computer science.

The society for the protection computer Symantec said it had identified at least 31 targets in the United States, eight companies among the 500 largest in the country.

“The authors of these threats seem to be very skilled and experienced, able to penetrate business among the best protected, steering wheel permissions and wandering freely in the internal networks of these companies. WastedLocker is a rançongiciel extremely dangerous “, emphasized Symantec.

“At least 31 clients have been attacked, which means that the actual number of attacks is probably much higher. The attackers have managed to penetrate the networks of the organisations referred to and were in the process of preparing the ground to execute their attack rançongiciel, ” said Symantec.

Earlier this week, a warning similar to had been launched by the british society of cyber security, NCC Group, which warns of the threat WastedLocker since the month of may.

The researchers claim that two Russian citizens, Maxime Iakoubets and Igor Tourachev, are participating in these operations. The two men have been charged in the United States in the month of December 2019 and are accused of being involved in Evil Corp, a group of computer hackers suspected of attacking american banks and british.

According to Stefano Antenucci, analyst at NCC, specialists in cybersecurity can demonstrate “with a great degree of certainty” that the last rançongiciel in date also comes from Evil Corp.

The american justice believes that Evil Corp is related to information services Russian and has managed to steal more than $ 100 million.

The u.s. Treasury has also taken sanctions against the two men and offered a reward of $ 5 million for the arrest of Iakoubets. This is the highest reward ever offered for a cybercriminal.

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