“Good news” for the search for a vaccine

The patients cured of the COVID-19 develop an immune response similar to the one that want to recreate for many scientists in the quest for a vaccine, according to researchers in the us who see it as a “good news” for the development of a vaccine.

After analyzing the blood of 20 adults who have successfully fought the disease, researchers from the california institute immunology La Jolla have found that the human body’s immune system recognizes indeed the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which causes the COVID-19.

More specifically, they have found immune cells known as T cells, which contribute to the defenses of the organism. 100 % of individuals were carriers of cells called “CD4 cells” which help to antibody production, while 70 % had cells called CD8 cells, which eliminate virus-infected cells.

response “robust”

In addition, this immune response appears to be directed towards the famous protein in the form of a peak that is found at the surface of the new coronavirus. However, it is precisely this part of the virus that want to tackle several laboratories the search for a vaccine to slow the pandemic. The study does not, however, give an indication of the strength of this immunity, or its duration.

“If we had not seen that immune responses to be marginal, we would have been worried, but what we see is a very robust response of T cells against the protein peak, which is the target of most of the ongoing efforts against the COVID-19 […]. These findings are really good news for the development of vaccines”, said professor Alessandro Sette, in an article, published by this institute of San Diego.

Cross immunity

Interestingly, in this study published there is a period of ten days, by the journal Cell, the researchers also analyzed 20 additional samples will be collected from 2015 to 2018, well before the beginning of the current pandemic. However, between 40% and 60% of these individuals were carriers of immune cells reacting against SARS-CoV-2.

This fuels the hypothesis of “cross-immunity”, that is open to debate at the present time in the scientific and medical community, that such a past infection to other coronaviruses, which cause, them, cold, mild – provides protection against the COVID-19 to some people. “It is not clear yet” that this is possible, relativize, however, the authors in california.

— With the QMI Agency

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