Good news for those who use Google Photos: smart editing tools are soon available to everyone

Good news for those who use Google Photos: smart editing tools are soon available to everyone

Magic Editor offers incredible photo editing possibilities, such as moving an element of the photo and automatically filling the freed space. Courtesy of Google

Several editing tools from the Google Photos application, powered by artificial intelligence, will be accessible to everyone, free of charge. The idea is to offer all users of the application features allowing them to easily correct the slightest defects in their photos.

Good news for all those who use Google Photos, they will soon be able to benefit from very innovative image editing tools, powered by artificial intelligence, for free. Until now reserved only for Pixel owners, photo editing tools powered by Google's AI will be available to everyone. They will be gradually deployed from May 15 and over the following weeks on all technically compatible devices, under Android and iOS, without any subscription being necessary to benefit from them.

Improve your photos without special skills

These "smart" will allow you to improve your photos without special skills. Anti-blur is, for example, very useful for eliminating blur from your photos, whether it is a portrait or a landscape, to gain clarity. For its part, the magic eraser offers the possibility of erasing disruptive elements or photobombs in just a few seconds. Finally, portrait lighting, as its name suggests, is a tool for adjusting the brightness on the face. All of these features, powered by AI, aim to correct images rather than having to delete them.

For its part, the Magic Editor tool, launched exclusively on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, will soon be offered to all users of a Pixel smartphone. Thanks to it, it becomes possible to carry out more complex photo edits, such as moving and repositioning an element of the photo, or even changing the color of the sky. Google Photos users will then benefit from 10 Magic Editor backups per month. Beyond that, you will need to subscribe to a paid Google One plan, or have a Pixel smartphone.

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