Good reception for the film Goodbye Happiness in France

Welcome to the film Goodbye Happiness in France


On the eve of its theatrical release in France, the Quebec comedy-drama Goodbye Happiness received a nice reception in the French press. 

In its review of the film published Tuesday on its website, the magazine Première gave a score of 3 stars out of 5 to the new work of the filmmaker Quebecer Ken Scott (Starbuck) which he describes as “a family comedy that often warms the heart”. 

The Télérama newspaper was seduced by the ” beautiful verve in the dialogues” and the “endearing actors”, especially François Arnaud, “the immature brother whose energy and presence compensate for the clichés of the script”.

Finally, the decor of the Iles- de-la-Madeleine (where the action of Goodbye Happiness takes place) charmed the critic of Le Parisien, who evokes the “magnificent landscapes” of the film “which make one think of Ireland

Released in Quebec in December 2021, Goodbye Happiness tells the story of four brothers who go to their family home in the Magdalen Islands to pay their last respects to their recently deceased father. The four main actors in the film – François Arnaud, Antoine Bertrand, Louis Morissette and Patrice Robitaille – shared the Best Actor Award at the Alpe d'Huez Comedy Film Festival a year ago.

Goodbye Happiness hits French screens this Wednesday.