Goodbye, ecology: the network has shown a diesel Nissan Patrol. Video

Прощай, экология: в сети показали дизельный Nissan Patrol. Видео

This car just grass all around.

Diesel engine, despite some persecution in recent times, remains the primary choice when it comes to large torque. This applies not only to freight transport, we have all heard about the success of such engines in motor racing.

But the craftsman from Australia shows may be the most useless application of these power plants. Equipping your old SUV Nissan patrol turbocharged diesel V8 engine, GM Duramax and making some modifications, he boasts an insane amount of disgusting black smoke.

It is noteworthy that the exhaust pipe is located right behind the front wheel, but the car original is not confused with open Windows. Maybe that’s the overwhelming concentration of toxins in the blood leads to such rash actions?

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