Google accidentally gave the user smartphone for 9000 dollars

The owner of the defective Pixel Google 3 required to reimburse $ 80, and received ten smartphones in a gift

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Google случайно подарила пользователю смартфонов на 9000 долларов

Defective Google Pixel 3 into ten new smartphones

The owner of the defective Pixel смартфонаGoogle 3 because of an error in the system of refunds Google Store became the owner of nine smartphones of this brand, with a total value of $ 9596. About his unusual case, a user has shared on Reddit.

In 2018 the author of the history under the name “u/Cheetohz” purchased in Google Store white Pixel 3 (this option is available only in the US), but soon the machine is out of order. Taking advantage of the refund, the man sent the smartphone in Google, hoping to get a refund for the device and then ordered a new mobile device.

Google случайно подарила пользователю смартфонов на 9000 долларов

The buyer accidentally sent ten of the Google Pixel 3 in the amount of $ 9596

A few days later, Google has reimbursed 80-dollar tax for the purchase of the first Pixel 3, but the money for the phone worth $ 900, the client does not come. Realizing that it was an unfortunate mistake, the man is not desperate and ordered a new pink Pixel 3 in a separate transaction. For some ridiculous accident shipper Google has decided that the order was not one but ten pink Google Pixel 3, which, in fact, did was delivered to the buyer smartphones worth more than $ 9,000.

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In history on Reddit it is noted that, legally, Google can’t oblige the user to return unpaid of the device, but the client was conscientious, and plans to return extra nine mobile devices. He contacted representatives of the company to resolve a disputable situation, but they did not answer him for several days. If no reply is received, the author of history and plans to sell 9 vehicles to “back the money never sent to Google”.

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