Google adds Android annoying feature

In Google Play you are forced to seem like commercials

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Google добавит в Android раздражающую функцию

Innovation in Google Play will appear in early September

The Google Play app store on Android waiting for the serious changes that will bring the annoying feature. Remember which function on the web sites you hate the most? Most likely it is auto-play videos. Now irritable similar functionality will appear in Google Play.

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Since the beginning of September in the opening pages of apps in Google Play that have promotional materials, video will be played automatically. I.e. if the user goes to the page of any game, the service will first launch a video, and then show the screenshots. Google commented on the innovation as follows: “to help more users quickly find the desired content.”

Google добавит в Android раздражающую функцию

The official statement from Google about innovations in Google Play

One side effect of this step is to show the ad before the video. Google doesn’t want trailers to apps contained advertising, which, they said, would introduce confusion. Therefore, the search giant asks developers to disable monetization for a promotional video to 1 November 2019. After this period, promo-videos with ads will not appear in Google Play.

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This innovation probably will annoy many users, but it is easy to ignore. XDA hope that Google will add the option to disable automatic video playback, at least when using the mobile Internet.

Recall that previously, Google promised to release Android 10, the third of September. At the same time, Android 10 will receive extremely useful feature from the iPhone.

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