Google Chrome for Android got a dark theme: how to enable

74 Chrome Beta has got a night theme, which will soon be available to all

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Today, 08:31

Google Chrome на Android получил темную тему: как включить

To try out the dark theme on Android, you can now

Today’s fashionable dark theme gradually appears in many programs and operating systems. Now there has been a progressive preparation for adaptation to night mode in Android 10.0 Q, the beta version is already available on the Google Pixel.

Night mode in Chrome already made friends with the macOS, and for Windows is only available in development builds of Canary, where it is activated as one of the experimental features. Dark theme for mobile Google Chrome also appeared in the demo version of the Chrome browser Beta 74.

Google Chrome на Android получил темную тему: как включить

Google Chrome Beta 74 in the dark design

To activate dark mode in Google Chrome on Android, you must enter in the browser address bar the following: chrome://flags, then in the search type in the word night, which will lead you to activate dark theme – select instead of the Default Enabled option, and then restart the application Now button Relauch the browser will priotkroyte with activated dark theme.

Google Chrome на Android получил темную тему: как включить

How to enable dark theme in Google Chrome on Android

After the official release version of Chrome for Android 74, a dark theme will appear in a stable version for all users of the mobile browser. This method is recommended for those who already want to see the new opportunities a mobile app before its official release.

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