Google closes critical project on YouTube: what will disable

Convenient interface Leanback for TV and set-top boxes on Android is closed

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Google закрывает важный проект на YouTube: что отключат

The closure of the project Gogle wants to increase sales of consoles on Android TV

With the popularity of smart TVs with a built-in browser, Google invented the compact interface of the YouTube to make it easier for users to watch a variety of video content and navigate with the usual remote control. The interface called Leanback. Later Google used its framework to create mobile apps for console games on Android, and web apps for Smart TV. However the popularity of the original Leanback suffered from this, and Google has decided to close the project, sending it to the Internet graveyard.

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Leanback offers at (or – in this mode YouTube runs full screen. However, starting today, users coming to the website might see a warning about the imminent termination of the project.

Google закрывает важный проект на YouTube: что отключат

Warning to all visitors (

From the closure-friendly interface, and YouTube is primarily affected holders of Chinese smart set-top boxes connected to the TV. On Amazon Fire TV, for example, there is no official YouTube app, and a desktop or mobile version of the site too cumbersome. But all good things, as is often the case, comes to an end. The closing date is not yet announced but, as practice shows, usually Google turns projects six months after the announcement.

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Recently, Google broke contracts with manufacturers of televisions and has removed the YouTube app from older platforms Smart TV. It is believed that such a radical action, the search giant is trying to get manufacturers of the STB to enter into agreements about the use of this interface in applications on a commercial basis or thereby trying to increase sales of consoles on the Android TV platform.

Earlier, Google was forever closed social network Google+. At the same time, old smartphones blocked access to Google Play.

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Google закрывает важный проект на YouTube: что отключат

Google закрывает важный проект на YouTube: что отключат

Google закрывает важный проект на YouTube: что отключат


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