Google has ceased to frighten users

The search giant has removed the banner with a warning about the dangers of using Microsoft Edge

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 10:15

Google stopped to show users of Microsoft Edge frightening banner that warned of security risks and recommended to switch to Chrome. Last month it was reported that whenever someone went to the Chrome web store with the help of Edge, he got the message: “Google recommends that you switch to Chrome for the safe use of extension”.

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It sounded very strange, because last year Microsoft transferred their browser platform Chromium, which is operated by the Opera, Vivaldi and even Google Chome, which means that the Edge is compatible with extensions developed for Chrome. It is likely that the warning was simply anti-competitive behavior from Google. Judging by the fact that Chrome takes up 67% of the world market of browsers, and a 6% Edge, according to experts, the search giant tried to steal more users from a competitor.

Google прекратила запугивать пользователей

The warning, which saw users of Microsoft Edge

According to Bleeping Computer, Google displayed the warning because Microsoft Edge does not support the Google safe browsing service, which shows users a warning message before they visit a dangerous website or download a malicious app. Although the warning has never prevented users Edge to install and run the Chrome extension, it could convince some people that they should switch browsers to increase security despite the fact that they are both built on Chromium.

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Now, the warning disappeared. From now on, when users visit Edge the Chrome store, they get the message: “Now you can add extensions from the Chrome web store in Edge – click “add to Chrome”. It is unclear why Google decided to change the alert – perhaps it was because of the negative publicity, but Microsoft is also no stranger to such tactics. Firm Redmond Edge automatically puts the default browser in Windows, thus trying to dissuade users from Chrome. Also recently an ad in the “start menu” offered to go with Firefox on Edge.

Recall that earlier in Chrome discovered appetite – browser “ate” 1400 GB of memory. Also recently, Microsoft released a new browser.

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Google прекратила запугивать пользователей

Google прекратила запугивать пользователей

Google прекратила запугивать пользователей

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