Google has named the TOP 9 best Android apps

The best applications and video games 2019 in the opinion of the moderators Google Play

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Google назвала ТОП-9 самых лучших приложений Android

The nominees chosen by different teams in Google

At the conference Google I/O 2019, the search giant announced the winners Play Award, which is awarded to the best apps and games for Android. This time, we selected nine applications in different categories, from educational programs to games.

Google назвала ТОП-9 самых лучших приложений Android

Best apps for Android in 2019

All nine applications are members of a separate and unique categories that determine quality, design, innovation, entertainment, and more. Nominees were first selected by different teams in Google, and the winners received a silver trophy Play and submitted to Google Play’s distinctive.

Best app to prosperity

Woebot: Your Self-Care Expert — a chat bot for stress management procrastination, loneliness, and dependence. According to the jury, the app allows people to overcome life’s problems.

The best experience

Envision AI — service for the blind and visually impaired. It analyzes objects and read the required information. The application is a set of games, providing innovative interaction devices for people with disabilities or special needs.

The best social effect

Google назвала ТОП-9 самых лучших приложений Android


Wisdo — application for exchange of expertise and experiences in various life situations. With it you can find like-minded people in hundreds of groups: health, education, crisis, depression, meditation, emigration, Hobbies and so on.

The most beautiful game

Shadowgun Legends is the most beautiful game on Android, in the opinion of the moderators Google Play. This is a free first person shooter with raids and tasks that must be performed in conjunction with other players in real time. Having a powerful smartphone, you can see the graphics of gaming consoles.

The best “personal experience”

Neverthink: Handpicked Videos — a compilation of various helpful videos for cooking, exercise, rest and other activities. App that helps create, improve or enhance the personal life, bringing people together.

The most inventive

Tick Tock: A Tale of Two mystical puzzle for two. This game show is fundamentally a new use of a smartphone with the latest technology. The only paid app in the rankings.

Experience for millions

Google назвала ТОП-9 самых лучших приложений Android

Canva is easy to use graphical editor for smartphones

Canva is an incredibly popular and user friendly graphical editor for creating cards, invitations, logos, illustrations, infographics and stories for instagram. It has more 60 thousand templates and 3 million free background images.

Breakthrough of the year

Google назвала ТОП-9 самых лучших приложений Android


Slowly app for finding friends, with whom you can share classic letters in paper envelopes.

Best game of the year

Marvel Strike Force — game in which you need to create a team of superheroes to fight enemies over the future of the planet. A mobile game that deserved a “prize” for great design, a unique visual style and fresh approach, good governance, inclusiveness, as well as the strong audience growth.

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