Google has patented a modular self-assembled smartphone

Google запатентовала модульный самосборный смартфон

The new gadget from Google will be modular.

American Corporation Google patents a prefabricated version of the smartphone, the appropriate application form published on the PATENTSCOPE website.

This writes the with reference to 1prime.

The new gadget from Google will be modular: it will be sold in a disassembled form, each buyer pick the model according to their needs.

The new device of the company – the restart Project Ara – an earlier concept of hardware and user customizable gadgets.

The patent application describes a gadget, the “heart” which will be the main unit with the chipset, screen, sensors and battery. with a connected expansion unit all items will fit in a single frame.

The most interesting item is a module with additional equipment: there may be a very wide range of devices, from a separate camera or joystick for games. Perhaps the facility will be compatible with gadgets from other manufacturers.

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