Google has taught smartphones identify the kisses and “duck lips”

Camera Google Pixel know new expressions of users

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Google научила смартфоны определять поцелуи и "утиные губки"

Google Pixel 3 now offers the most advanced selfie-camera

Camera Google Pixel 3 is one of the best in the world in smartphones, despite the fact that it uses only one image sensor is the main work for improving images performs artificial intelligence. The front camera had a new function that defines kiss for automatic shooting. The feature appeared in Photobooth mode app Pixel Camera.

Better mode “without a paddle” attached to the option of wide-angle selfie camera Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Artificial intelligence is trained to identify a few common faces, which activate the shutter: a kiss, a smile, protruding tongue, dachas (“duck lips”), inflated cheeks and surprise.

According to experts of the publication the Verge, the feature is not yet quite perfect – dachas to determine the camera could not. However, kissing self-camera reacted and tripped the shutter. Moreover, the camera automatically remove closed eyes in the pictures, if someone blinked when the shutter speed is through the use of technology of neural networks.

Pixel Camera further help users to learn how they might best look on the photo. The white stripe on the side of the display responds to the user actions – when everyone is looking at the camera and make beautiful face, the strip extends the full width of the display, and the device takes the picture.

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