Google imposes new service to all owners of Android

YouTube Music will be supplied with each new Android device 10

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Google навязывает новый сервис всем владельцам Android

Google is trying to compete with Apple and Spotify

Google hopes to replace the outdated Google Play Music YouTube Music, which will come bundled with new Android devices 10. Previously it had to be downloaded separately, and the service is a more convenient analogue of Google Play Music. Currently, the number of monthly YouTube users exceeds 2 billion, and the company wants to attract more users to a paid subscription.

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Under a licensing agreement with Google and many manufacturers of Android smartphones are required to pre-install a number of applications from third-party manufacturers. Now they have to link YouTube Music with each new device Android 10. This also applies to new smartphones that will ship with Android 9, as well as a series of Pixel from Google.

The main reason for the imposition of the new service is that Google hardly penetrates into the already crowded market of music streaming. Apple and Spotify dominate the world market with 60 and 108 million paid subscribers, respectively. Previously aggressive attempt to impose Google YouTube Music failed to attract users, so the search giant intends to act more decisively.

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YouTube will increase the amount of advertising in the videos

The system presented in the free version with ads and the paid version. Not to be distracted by commercials that you will have to pay about 65 UAH a month. It should be noted that in April this year, Google announced that it will combine the Play Music and YouTube Music, but the timing is not called. Obviously, it will be soon.

The music service YouTube Music was launched in 2018, and Google Play Music works with 2011. It offers personalized recommendations, search for tracks and other standard features for streaming audio services.

We will remind that earlier it speeds up Android 10 cheapest smartphones by 10%. At the same time Google closes critical project on YouTube.

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