Google intervenes against feedback issues on conservative websites

Google intervient contre des commentaires problématiques sur des sites conservateurs

| SAN FRANCISCO-Google confirmed on Tuesday that it had taken action against two media outlets that are conservative because of the comments “dangerous or offensive” to readers on their sites, and contrary to the rules of the internet giant and online advertising.

Zero Hedge, a financial website right not be able to use the advertising platform of Google, and The Federalist, a conservative magazine that deals with politics and religion, has been warned that he had to rectify the problem.

“Their section dedicated to comments violated our rules about dangerous and insulting” justified Google.

“We have strict rules in place for the publishers, which govern the content next to which ads can be displayed. This also applies to the comments on the sites, for a long time, ” said a spokesman for the group in california.

On Twitter, Google has stated that the comments section of The Federalist had now been withdrawn, and that the problem was solved.

Zero Hedge, for its part, has advised on his site that he intended to appeal this decision, which was to have ” a material negative impact on the site.”

The rules applied by Google date three years ago and is part of the efforts undertaken by the social networks and digital platforms to police the evils of the internet, from disinformation to incitement to violence or hatred.

“The comment sections can become places where social norms are swept (…) The negative comments, rude, or abusive harm to the article and ultimately to your brand. If they break the rules of Google, your website may be ineligible for the display of advertisements (through our platform), ” explained the company in march 2017.

The words to be avoided include those that are intended to harass, intimidate, or incite hatred or promote discrimination against groups of people based on their origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, sexual orientation, etc

The society of Silicon Valley, seeks to avoid to its customers, the advertisers have their ads displayed next to content issues.

Google and Facebook collect them both more than 60 % of the advertising revenue digital u.s., according to eMarketer.

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