Google permanently closed social network Google+

Google had to speed up the process of closing the Google+social network

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Yesterday, 11:40

Google навсегда закрыла социальную сеть Google+

Access content on Google+ is still preserved

Google officially announced the closure of the social network Google+. Created as a replacement for Google Buzz in 2011, Google+ has repeatedly been subjected to global changes, but failed to gain popularity among users who had no idea what was in it – a Gmail account is automatically integrated into the social network from Google. Thus, the service with a billion users was “buried” – 3 April, the entrance is blocked.

Google planning to discontinue Google+ in August 2019, but at the end of 2018, the social network revealed a major vulnerability, subjected to risk more than 50 million users, which is quickly eliminated, and at the same time accelerated the process of closing unnecessary project.

Google навсегда закрыла социальную сеть Google+

The message users get when trying to log in Google+

In recent years Google+ were mainly used for publishing a variety of collections and communities around some projects (e.g. applications and games), but some people continued to post in her news and to chat with friends and look for new friends. Access to Google+ will remain only on corporate users as part of a package of services G Suite.

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The social network, though closed, but access to content is preserved and can download it will be for several months. If you have Google+ is still stored some important pictures then you can download them in the following way:

  1. Clicking on “Save data”. If necessary, sign in with your Google account. All types of data available in your Google+ profile will be selected by default.
  2. Click “Next”.
  3. Specify the file type.
  4. Select the method of data collection.
  5. Click “Create archive”.

After a few minutes will generate an archive that you can download to your computer or other device.

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We will remind that earlier the old smartphones blocked access to Google Play. Google plans to change Chrome browser.

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Google навсегда закрыла социальную сеть Google+

Google навсегда закрыла социальную сеть Google+

Google навсегда закрыла социальную сеть Google+


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