Google told us how to save battery smartphone

В Google рассказали, как сэкономить заряд смартфона

Google confirmed that the dark mode of your device significantly saves powerconference for Android developers Dev Summit, Google representatives told how to optimize the power consumption of the devices, the newspaper reports Slashgear. The main factor reducing the autonomy called screen brightness, eredet with reference on the Main

Google acknowledged that the color elements of the interface are also important, and the dark theme helps save battery. The effect is demonstrated on the example of the Google Pixel that uses the AMOLED panel. So, the Google Maps app in the “night mode” consumes 63% less power at maximum brightness. Black – the most economical possible in terms of colours.

In this case, the developers admitted that with the release of visual language Material Design has pushed designers in the wrong direction, as it stimulated the abundant use of white. Now the vector has changed – authors are encouraged to implement a dark theme. It will continue to do and Google branded programs.

The company showed how Dark Mode affects the power consumption YouTube. At maximum brightness in a dark color Android client consumes 60% less energy. With brightness at 50% the difference is less significant – only 14%. However, the development of dark mode for the whole system, as Apple did in the desktop macOS Mojave, speech does not go yet.

Informed users and journalists conducted their own tests using the dark mode in apps on iPhone X. Apple Itself does not claim the benefits of autonomy. But the results of the inspections showed over three hours of use dark interfaces energy consumption could fall by 60%. This effect is achieved due to the specifics of OLED screens. Their pixels do not need a separate backlight, as in LCD panels. It also gives a rich and natural black color.

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