Gorgeous image of Michelle Obama in overalls with a gold fringe: photo

The former first lady of the United States continues to surprise with luxurious outfits

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Шикарный образ Мишель Обамы в комбинезоне с золотой бахромой: фото

Ex-US first lady Michelle Obama

Former first lady of America Michelle Obama after the reign of her husband Barack Obama remains active even outside of his country and visited cities in the world as part of her tour “the beginning: intimate conversation with Michelle Obama”.

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Luxurious Michelle Obama struck the Trouser suit with rhinestones

The other day Michelle Obama for the next presentation of his new book on the stage of London has chosen an extravagant outfit of tight black colored jumpsuit with Golden beads at the neckline and fringe on the sleeves.

Шикарный образ Мишель Обамы в комбинезоне с золотой бахромой: фото

Michelle Obama in a black uniform, embroidered with Golden beads

55-year-old wife of former U.S. President finished the night out voluminous hair and gold jewelry – rings and huge earrings. A thin satin belt at the waist visually strainer Michelle. In makeup, the first lady always makes the emphasis on the eyes, and the lipstick selects quiet tone.

Earlier, we saw Michelle Obama in Austin, where she appeared in public in a pant suit, deep blue with black and yellow stripes on the sides.

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