Gossip Girl : a series too white and too straight ? The reboot will be more diversity

Gossip Girl : une série trop blanche et trop hétéro ? Le reboot aura plus de diversité

Gossip Girl : a series too white and hetero ? The reboot will be more open

Who said that the reboot of Gossip Girl, currently in preparation, would serve to nothing ? Its showrunner comes to the promise, this new version of the series will allow him to be more open and to stick to the time with more diversity.

Contrary to what some fans could hope for, if Gossip Girl will return soon to the screen, it will not be a sequel with Chuck, Blair, Serena, Dan or Nate, but a reboot. We found out at the time of its announcement, this new series – expected in 2020, will be focusedon a new generation of adolescents from secondary schools private New York. The series wants to show the extent to which social networks and the landscape of new york have changed over the years“.

A reboot is more open

A new version that will not prevent Kristen Bell to resume his position as narrator, but that will mostly allow to the team of Joshua Safran (the showrunner) to open up his universe. On the occasion of an interview with Vulture, he has admitted that this reboot will aim in particular to catch a few oversights.

There was not a lot of depictions in the original series. I was, I think, the only writer gay during my career,” he noted, stating “Even when I was in a private school in New York city in the 90’s, the school did not really reflect what was on the screen in ” Gossip Girl“.

Also, Gossip Girl 2.0 will, therefore, be imagined to (finally) stick to the best of our time, either in its casting and in its characters : “This time, the heroes are not all white. There will also be a lot of content queer. We are going to really make sure to stick to the reality of the world today.

Of the about promising, which sweep so of the back of their hand the fear of a simple copy/paste without the flavor.

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