Gossip Girl : Penn Badgley ready to play in the reboot ? His response

Gossip Girl : Penn Badgley prêt à jouer dans le reboot ? Sa réponse

Penn Badgley to return in the reboot of Gossip Girl ?

The actors of Gossip Girl will return in the reboot, expected in 2020 on HBO Max ? After Chace Crawford who played Nate, it is the turn of Penn Badgley aka Dan Humphrey to give his opinion on a possible come-back of the character. Check out the response of the actor that can be found soon in the season 2 of You on Netflix.

7 years after the end of Gossip Girl, Penn Badgley has indeed turned the page. The interpreter of Dan now plays the serial-killers in the series You including the season 2 arrives on Netflix on the 26th of December next. Since a return of Gossip Girl is in the program, the former actors from the original series will resume their roles ?

Penn Badgley is ready for a return of Dan ?

While Chace Crawford has entrusted to you to be ready to resume his role of Nate, Penn Badgley, to him, is a little less enthusiastic. Interviewed by Entertainment Tonight about it, the one who embodies Joe Goldberg in You explained that he had not been contacted on this matter. The opportunity for him to remember that he is not a big fan of Dan. “I was never necessarily a friend or a fan of Dan Humphrey, but I’d like to reconcile myself with it, as you see… I’d love to contribute in a meaningful way.” has he entrusted to you. And to add to the topic of a possible return : “It will depend on a lot of things. It will depend on how and why it is there“. Translation : the door is not closed.

The producer Joshua Safran, to him, is in any case to return the original characters. “I would love for everyone to come back if they wish. This universe still exists. The characters talk of Serena, Blair, Chuck and Dan,” he assured. The action of the reboot of Gossip Girl will take place 5 years after the end of the original series. It is not yet known which actors will play the main characters but it is known that the diversity will be in the program.

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