Got from the bottom: iPhone earned after two months under water

The owner of the iPhone 11 drowned your smartphone in the lake, but she returned after two months in working condition

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Today, 09:23

One of the most important innovations in the latest iPhone models, in addition to their quality cameras, OLED screens and wireless charging, is waterproof case. This feature makes the smartphone incredibly tenacious and has saved its owners from many unpleasant situations.

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One of the owners in this case failed to prove the incredible ability to stay under water iPhone 11 – the machine was able to hold on to the bottom of the lake for almost 2 months without any damage. The incident occurred at Disney World in the U.S. city of Orlando (Florida).

As reported by MacRumors, in October 2019 Lisa and Jacob Troyer, along with his daughter Sophie was vacationing in Disney World. Everything was fine until, until Lisa dropped your iPhone 11 an artificial lake in the seven SIS Lagoons.

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The Park staff were made aware of the incident, but Lisa and Jacob did not expect that the smartphone will keep its functionality even if it will be able to find so they bought a new device. Two months later, representatives of the Park had contacted them since reported that the lost iPhone was found, moreover — it still works. Under the case accumulated some sand and dirt, but the iPhone 11 was in working condition, which allowed the family to recover photos made on vacation.

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Apple iPhone 11 has protection according to the standard IP68, which in theory allows him to survive being in the water at a depth of not more than 2 metres to half an hour. In reality, it can last much longer. However, if you suddenly find that the inside of the hull has accumulated a lot of moisture, something Apple does not recognize this case of the guarantee, since such experiments are not recommended by the manufacturer.

Достали со дна: iPhone заработал после двух месяцев под водой

Apple iPhone 11, which miraculously survived in the water

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Достали со дна: iPhone заработал после двух месяцев под водой

Достали со дна: iPhone заработал после двух месяцев под водой

Достали со дна: iPhone заработал после двух месяцев под водой

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