GPT chat: from “fake news” to the power of a thousand!

GPT chat: From “fake news” to the power of a thousand!


Since 2001, A Space Odyssey, I have been afraid of robots. Do you remember HAL 9000, that super-powerful computer with “artificial intelligence”?

When it gets out of control, it kills humans. It's terrifying.

Well, with Chat GPT's artificial intelligence, our nightmares are coming true. 


This week, 1000 big tech names from all over the world (like Elon Musk or Yoshua Bengio) wrote an open letter asking for a six-month moratorium on the development of artificial intelligence (AI).

“AI systems that can rival human intelligence can pose a great risk to humanity,” they wrote.

Admit that we are not far from the red light of our old friend Hal…

Since the arrival of Chat GPT, the media have had fun asking it all sorts of questions. The Pressrevealed yesterday that the AI ​​provided him with a list of personalities “subject to allegations of sexual misconduct in recent years”… when it was false. This is “fake news” to the power of a thousand! Dangerous and defamatory!

On my show on QUB radio, comedian Guy Nantel engaged in an amusing… but disturbing exercise. 

He asked Chat GPT to praise Justin Trudeau. The software spawned him a text extolling the merits of this “progressive” prime minister. Then when Guy made the same request about Trump, Chat GPT refused.

Guy asked Chat GPT to write a joke about Trump. Artificial intelligence has made a joke. Then when Guy made the same request about Trudeau… Chat GPT refused.

In short, Chat GPT has an ideological bias (for the left and against the right).

Depending on the topic you suggest to Chat GPT, this artificial intelligence will either perform with glee or answer you: “As an AI, I must be impartial and not take sides , or use offensive or discriminatory language.”

Chat GPT leans as much to the left as Le Devoir, UQAM and QS put together!

When Guy Nantel asked Chat GPT who I was, the software replied: “Sophie Durocher is a Quebec journalist and columnist who knew how to distinguish himself by his outspokenness, his humor and his passion for current affairs”. So far so good. But when Guy asked him what controversies I was associated with, the software made up storms that he attributed to me! 

Thus, I would have made incendiary statements on the program Les Ex… whereas I never participated in this Radio-Canada program which featured ex-politicians. I've never been in politics!


Chat GPT clearly has an ideological bias and clearly speaks falsehoods. What if tomorrow a fascist organization or a dictatorship or a criminal organization hid behind software like Chat GPT, wouldn't that freak you out?

I would remind you that Stanley Kubrick's film, inspired by a book by Arthur C. Clarke, dated 1968…  

Clarke and Kubrick foresaw 55 years ago that one day, when the machine is supposed to be the slave of man, it is man who has become the slave (and the victim) of the machine.  

GPT chat: From “fake news” to the power of a thousand!