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GPT chat: see the four new features of the latest version of the artificial intelligence software

GPT Chat: See the four new features in the latest software release. artificial intelligence


After the exploits of artificial intelligence Chat GPT, the company Open AI released its brand new version on Tuesday, which can now analyze images and explain jokes.

Here are four new features of the GPT-4 platform:

1- GPT-4 can analyze more than just text

The artificial intelligence platform is now able to analyze images and understand their meaning, so that she can create the code for a website from a hand-drawn drawing, CNN Business reported.

GPT-4 can, moreover, understand humorous images, qualified as “memes” by Internet users, and dissect their meaning. It is also possible for him to produce a recipe from the photo of several ingredients.

This feature should become available to users in the coming weeks, continued the American media.

2- Easier than ever to develop applications

With the ability of GPT-4 to generate code in all major programming languages, users can more easily develop applications and new games, in just a few clicks.

“This could spawn more independent game providers in the future,” Gartner Research analyst Arun Chandrasekaran said, according to CNN Business.

3- Even more specific answers< /strong>

Unlike Chat GPT which could only produce texts up to 4000 words in length, GPT-4 can craft more detailed and reliable answers up to 25000 words.< /p>

“GPT-4 surpasses ChatGPT in its advanced reasoning ability,” the company also stated on its website.

4- Capable of passing high-level tests main

Unlike Chat GPT, the latest version of artificial intelligence is able to stand out in tests, such as standardized bar exams, ranking even in the highest percentiles .

So he was able to score in the top 10% on the bar exam, while Chat GPT only managed to score in the top 10% lowest results.

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