Gradur : “Aya Nakamura has its own character, but it is a good person” (Interview)

Gradur-in-interview for his album “Zone 59” : absence, Aya Nakamura, his daughter… he entrusts himself to PRBK

After a three year absence, Gradur is back with a new album entitled “Area 59”. Has the occaison of his output, PRBK was able to interview the rapper to learn more about his opus, the reasons for his break, his feats with Niska, Heuss bastard, Koba LaD or Ninho, his career and the evolution of Aya Nakamura since Super Hero.

In 2016, Gradur released his second album, “Where is the album Gradur”… before disappearing for three years. It will therefore be necessary to wait until 2019 to witness the comeback of the artist with his new album, “Area 59”. The program ? Twenty-one unreleased tracks, including Rari” and feats with Niska, Koba LaD, Ninho, Heuss bastard, Dadju, Naza and Gims & Alonzo. It is this Friday November 29, the rapper has unveiled its third studio project, you post ?

“I do not come back for the money”

For the promo of “Zone 59”, PRBK met Gradur interview, the perfect opportunity to ask him the reasons of her break : “I need to take time for me to restructure (…) now, I’m really into the music“, we he says, before adding : “I do not come back for the money. I come back mostly for the love of the music. If it was just for the money, I would have been able to stop me.” The interpreter of Rosa decided to continue, but does he have the pressure after three years of absence ?

Pressure, no. I see this album more as a transition project. I give it to the people so that they relearn how to listen to me. This is the next where he is going to kill everything. The most important thing is to dig the music. I do it for them, but also for. The most important is that I take the fun first“, we replied Gradur.

“People are mean to Aya Nakamura”

In “Zone 59”, there are a lot of feats with artists very current. Was this a criterion for the man they call the man with The bob ? Not really as he entrusts PRBK : “I’ve done more with people with whom I have affinity. If they became number 1, I can’t do anything. I like them very much. I love their music. It was only logical to call them on my project.

Before Niska, Heuss bastard or Ninho, Gradur collaborated with Aya Nakamura on the song Super Hero. He has followed his progress since and think that as well : “This is a fantastic development (…) It is at a different stage, I’m happy. Despite the advice of others, it is a good person. It has its character (…) The people are wicked with it, it is difficult to find a balance. She always responds very well to the music. You can’t say on that.

Interview by Lola Maroni. Exclusive content. Do not reproduce without citing

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