Granby: a busy first weekend at the screening clinic

About 300 people came to the COVID-19 screening clinic in Granby on Saturday for the first day of operation. Of this number, 245 have been tested and will receive their results within 48 hours.
D u staff had to do a pre-screening in the outside lane to ensure that persons awaiting met the three criteria required to pass a test: return trip, have one or more symptoms from fever, cough and breathing difficulties and these symptoms appeared within 14 days of returning from the trip.

“What we ask people is to show solidarity. If they think that they do not need to be screened and that they are going there, they take the place of someone else “, explains Annie-Andrée Émond, spokesperson for the CIUSSS of the Estrie-CHUS. This is why these three criteria must be met.

“It’s going very well,” she adds. We made small adjustments to the logistics. The clinic required some modifications to refine it.

The employees, for example, sent home, without having taken a sample, a woman from Lac-Brome who had returned from a trip a fortnight before, but who developed symptoms within 14 days of returning from her trip.

It was a mistake, says Émond. She should have been examined and a sample should have been taken since the symptoms developed within 14 days of her return.

It is also not necessary to communicate with the new line dedicated to the coronavirus to be able to go to the clinic without an appointment.

Isabelle Châtelain, of Granby, understood that he had to do it so that his name was on the list at the clinic. However, it took him 16 hours to successfully speak to a nurse at the end of the line.

Fast and efficient

The clinic, meanwhile, is very efficient, says Ms. Châtelain. Within an hour, everything was done and she was even back home.

“It’s not a big tent, but it’s perfect. There can be 5-6 people at a time in addition to the staff. A lady asks you questions, takes your number to call you back for the results. The nurse takes a sample from the throat and then from the nose. It is the same screening as for influenza, or more or less. Next, another lady gives us the paper with the rules to follow for the isolation at home for the people under investigation. She gave me masks and told me to avoid going out. Anyway, I don’t want to go out. ”

She can telecommute, which is not the case for her spouse, who had a document to justify his absence since the isolation ends on March 16 or later, if she has COVID-19.

Ms. Châtelain has traveled to Costa Rica. She returned on March 2. In particular, she has had a cough for about a week.


Michel Duchesneau, ex-mayor of Granby, also came under the tent. “I was really impressed! I have the impression that the government turned around on a dime because they installed all this equipment very quickly, they installed a large electrical system, there is also heating. It’s very effective. We come in and quickly the questions are asked. It is direct. If one is a subject who could be contaminated, quickly the tests are made. ”

He himself noticed that people were waiting in line when they shouldn’t have been there. “Of course, the problem is that people do not follow the instructions. There are people who have not made a trip, they cough a little, and they introduce themselves anyway. It increases the wait. A nurse often came outside to talk to people. I think that one cannot do better in the situation. ”

Mr. Duchesneau also applauds the way the Legault government is managing the crisis.

The businessman returned from his trip last Tuesday. He has since developed “bizarre symptoms”. If he is not afraid of the disease, he still wanted to take the test to avoid infecting his loved ones.

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