Granddaughter Sofia Rotaru charmed fans stylish exit: “So sophisticated”

Внучка Софии Ротару очаровала фанатов стильным выходом: "Такая утонченная"

Sonia Evdokimenko

today, 06:16

Granddaughter of the famous Ukrainian actress Sofia Rotaru Sonia Evdokimenko has conquered social media with its gentle beauty and atmospheric photo shoots, the results of which are often shared in Instagram. 18-year-old girl studying in new York, so almost all of her photos or out, or travel.

This time the beauty has pleased fans with nice photos, which depicted the street. As can be seen on a walk Sonia came out in a stylish Luka – her bright satin skirt and black knitted sweater, and on his neck hangs an ornament. The girl’s hair loose and beautifully laid, but her face neat day makeup. In the caption to the photo Sonia Evdokimenko wrote: “And the wind whispered…”. Fans immediately rushed to cover her with compliments in the comments, and some ask who Sonja is constantly taking photos.

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Внучка Софии Ротару очаровала фанатов стильным выходом: "Такая утонченная"

We will remind, granddaughter Rotaru was struck by the beauty of the network, and received a blessing from Lagerfeld.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the young niece of Sofia Rotaru deprived users of sleep racy photos.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that granddaughter Rotaru visited winter Wonderland and conquered all the pretty little face.

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