Grandmother of twins accused Pugacheva prima Donna in his addiction: “got me Hooked”

"Бабушка" двойняшек Пугачевой обвинила Примадонну в своей зависимости: "Подсадила меня"

Alla Pugacheva, photo Getty Images

today, 08:18

Famous Soviet actress, teacher and Director Galina Volchek, which is called the “grandmother” to twins Alla Pugacheva, smokes for many decades “like a locomotive” – four cigarettes in half an hour. This addiction she’s got, even being in a wheelchair.

Recently Galina Volchek admitted that to blame her friend Alla Pugacheva.

So, in an interview, Galina said that the first cigarette he smokes only after Breakfast.

“It’s only reasonable that I do. I don’t smoke on an empty stomach” she said

Volchek also admitted that she smokes in a special way.

“Alla Pugacheva me on mouthpieces hoisted. Just mundstock that something harmful take. I love her and believe her, she gave me a little bit, and then I started to buy,” – said Volchek.

The heavy dependence of the actress began to appear in adolescence.

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“Natasha and his mother, the daughter of the famous Director Mikhail Romm, not just a group of friends and were like sisters, we lived next door to the hallways – remember it. – The standard of beauty, grandeur and feminine charm for us, 12-13 years, was the actress Elena Kuzmina, his wife laughed. This image always napflio Kuzmina: one hand supports the head and the other holding a cigarette … We watched, transfixed her, and then decided to go to the mirror and try on this image to see how it connects with us. And then, the one time I saw dad crying, he just saw me with a cigarette, and I didn’t notice that he entered. He suffered from my Smoking, but I couldn’t daily to educate me – he was filming a movie.”

About the dangers of Smoking Galina Volchek warned many times, doctors, colleagues, and even children of Alla Pugacheva. Recently, the Network appeared the video, where the singer’s daughter have Lisadell her next remark.

We will remind, the national actress of the USSR Galina Volchek turned out to be the grandmother of twins Alla Pugacheva

As reported by the portal Znaia the first nanny children Pugacheva and Galkin died at age 54 after a long battle with cancer.

Also Znayu wrote, Maxim Galkin posted an interesting series of photos, reminding the fans looked like 22 years ago.

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