Grandson Pugacheva was in the hospital, a terrible diagnosis: “Muscle stopped working”

Внук Пугачевой попал в больницу, жуткий диагноз: "Мышцы перестали работать"

yesterday, 18:06

The son of the famous Christina Aguilera and least-known of Vladimir Presnyakov went to the hospital. As it turned out, the musician was very sick and couldn’t do without the help of doctors. Relevant information young people reported on their own Instagrаm page and also posted a few photos from the medical establishment.

Внук Пугачевой попал в больницу, жуткий диагноз: "Мышцы перестали работать"

Nikita Presnyakov, photos

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As noted, the grandson of Alla Pugacheva Nikita Presnyakov picked up a strange and very severe form of influenza. First the artist three days was the temperature more than 39 degrees, and then began to refuse the muscles, and even the toothpaste we had to squeeze with both hands. With a musician it’s all right – it is already set up in a private clinic and discharged.

Внук Пугачевой попал в больницу, жуткий диагноз: "Мышцы перестали работать"

Screenshot from the page of the actor

Followers in the comments claim that the artist had not the flu, but some sort of tropical disease, which he probably brought back from a recent trip to Thailand, where vacationing with friends.

We will remind, the husband of Alla Pugacheva Maxim Galkin showed 70-year-old Diva without filters, funny smiling for the camera.

Previously “Know.ia” talked about the fact that the network was rocked by a scandal due to sperm Kirkorov, which has suffered Galkin.

Galkin also staged trolling hard Sobchak.


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