“Grater” for 5999 dollars showed that Apple in the WWDC presentation, 2019

A brief digression on presentation WWDC 2019 with a number of interesting new products from Mac Pro to iOS 2019 13

Evgeniy Opanasenko

June 4, 15:11

"Терка" за 5999 долларов: что показала Apple на презентации WWDC 2019

Apple at WWDC 2019 showed macOS Catalina, iPadOS, Mac Pro 2019

In the night from 3 to 4 June in San Jose , Apple held the worldwide developers conference WWDC 2019. Traditionally on the summer WWDC giant industry shows new versions of operating systems, the updated models of the iMac and other new products – the iPhone and iPad will show later in the fall. We did a quick tour of the entire presentation so you can quickly assess all new this year.

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"Терка" за 5999 долларов: что показала Apple на презентации WWDC 2019

Apple TV becomes a gaming console likeness

According to the tradition, Tim cook began with “simple” innovations, leaving the most “delicious” at the end of the presentation. First was shown the updates related to AppleTV. Developer support for Xbox One and Dualshock 4 from the PlayStation 4 that will allow you to use them together with the future Apple subscription – Apple Arcade. So Tim cook turned the media player into a kind of game consoles.

"Терка" за 5999 долларов: что показала Apple на презентации WWDC 2019

To the AppleTV you can connect a gamepad of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One’s

Also added the support of profiles for the AppleTV, to each member of the family only watched their broadcasts and received a sample of recommendations according to their preferences.

Apple Watch

"Терка" за 5999 долларов: что показала Apple на презентации WWDC 2019

Apple Watch becomes more Autonomous device

Update got your Apple Watch. They are intended to carry the electronics are all less dependent on the iPhone and was more Autonomous.

  • “Independent” apps that can run directly on the watch without needing additional app for iPhone
  • Interface built in App Store to purchase/install apps directly to the Watch via the watch.
  • Separate apps for voice memos, audio books, and calculators.
  • Audio streaming API for streaming live sports games and other content.
  • The function of the “Noise” that determines the decibel level in your environment, alerting you about critical values to prevent hearing damage.
  • App for tracking menstrual cycle, helping women to monitor their health.
  • Built-in support for Shazam.

iOS 13

"Терка" за 5999 долларов: что показала Apple на презентации WWDC 2019

Apple iOS 13 will bring a lot of innovations for iPhone

The changes in the new version of iOS 13 was more significant, compared to iOS 12. Beta for developers launched today as a public beta build will be released in July.

  • Updates will be approximately 60% smaller in volume.
  • Applications run 2x faster.
  • Support dark themes with a more stylish interface.
  • Keyboard Swipe. Keyboard type Swipe-to-Type was popular for about ten years on Android. Now owners of iOS 13 will receive this convenient and fast way of text input.
  • Time synchronized text in the built-in Music app.
  • The Reminders app has been completely redesign and optimization.
  • A new authentication method in iOS 13, which allows to forbid to give out your email address installed applications.
  • A new method of encryption of videos using HomeKit Secure Video. Apple claims that when you download encrypted videos in iCloud, no one except you will not be able to see it, even if it is stolen.
  • Memojis get a “ton” of new settings, including makeup, body piercing, different teeth, new hats and even AirPods. Apple is also going to automatically take the stickers from your Memoji and offer them in the chat rooms.
  • iOS 13 now allows you to rotate the video and improve it (to make such beautiful things like colour gradation) directly in the built-in Photos app.
  • Now the Phone app can automatically send unknown callers to voice mail.
  • Now you have the option to allow the app to determine your location only once instead of having to prove it indefinitely.
  • Apple has completely rebuilt its database of “Cards”. The new maps are much more detailed and come complete with their own alternative to the StreetView from Google.

AirPods / HomePod / CarPlay

"Терка" за 5999 долларов: что показала Apple на презентации WWDC 2019

AirPods are now “United”

  • AirPods can now read incoming messages.
  • Total access audio allows you to choose from a library of individual clippings and send them to multiple sets of AirPods.
  • Now you can hold your iPhone near the HomePod to quickly begin streaming audio from your phone to the speaker.
  • CarPlay gets a new interface and now Siri will work with third-party applications, including Pandora and Waze.


A pleasant surprise was the announcement of the new operating system for iPad Pro. Experts suspected that sooner or later Apple will decide on to make powerful tablets in the likeness of laptops – and this happened in iPadOS.

  • Widgets can now be pinned to the desktop (another Hello from Android).
  • Quicker switching between applications working in parallel mode
  • The Files were processed with enhanced viewing, sharing folders, iCloud, and now it also supports external storage and SD card.
  • “View desktop” in Safari. He will also get 30 new keyboard shortcuts for options such as saving pages, sending pages via e-mail and open links in a background tab.
  • Timeout Apple Pencil has been reduced from 20 MS to 9 MS
  • New mode compact keyboard that allows you to drag the tiny keyboard in the side of the screen for easier typing with one finger.
  • New gestures such as “retraction” three fingers to the cut-and-gesture “insert” three fingers to insert.

Mac Pro 2019

"Терка" за 5999 долларов: что показала Apple на презентации WWDC 2019

Apple Mac Pro 2019 with a new design of a system unit, reminiscent of the “grater”

After the cylindrical body of the previous Mac Pro, Apple decided to go back to the classics, perform the system unit in the form of the Middle Tower. However the design turned out well, very controversial, and the front part is already ridiculed in social networks, calling the case “a cheese grater for 5999 dollars” is the starting price. The release is scheduled for fall 2019.

"Терка" за 5999 долларов: что показала Apple на презентации WWDC 2019

Mac Pro 2019

Technical characteristics of the new Mac Pro 2019:

  • 28-core Intel Xeon
  • 12 DIMM slots, which allow to accommodate 1.5 terabytes of RAM DDR4 ECC (2666-2933 MHz)
  • 8 internal slots PCI
  • Power supply 1.4 kW
  • The base model will be a 8-core Xeon with 32 GB of memory and 256 GB SSD, and will cost 5999 dollars.
  • Wheels! For those who will often move the enclosure, you can buy additional wheels that cling to bottom.
  • “Quiet as an iMac Pro”

Pro Display XDR

"Терка" за 5999 долларов: что показала Apple на презентации WWDC 2019

Apple Pro Display XDR with the controversial design

Very expensive Mac Pro 2019 will receive not less expensive Pro Display XDR. The design is the same “scratch”, but the users ‘ attention was attracted by a regular VESA stand, which costs $ 999, which caused confusion and a barrage of criticism towards Apple for overpays simple accessory.

"Терка" за 5999 долларов: что показала Apple на презентации WWDC 2019

Monitor stand for $ 999 not included

Technical specifications Pro Display XDR:

  • 32-inch display with a resolution of 6016 × 3384 (6K)
  • He can indefinitely withstand up to 1000 nits brightness. In this case the characteristic “leaky” design of the rear panel was invented for a reason – it performs the role of a radiator, removing heat from the panel.
  • Anti-reflective glass with a matte option nano-texture, to further reduce glare.
  • Pro Display XDR will cost 4999 dollars, and the version with the “nanotexture” will cost 1000 dollars more
  • Stand, by the way, not included. Purchased separately for $ 999

macOS 10.15 Catalina

"Терка" за 5999 долларов: что показала Apple на презентации WWDC 2019

macOS 10.15 is called “Catalina”

After macOS Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave is coming macOS Catalina. The main innovation is the abolition of iTunes, which will replace the new services.

  • After years of inflating the functionality of iTunes, Apple decided to split it into three new apps: Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV.
  • No more pop-UPS iTunes every time you connect your iPhone!
  • To sync your iPhone enough to use the quiet option in the Finder.
  • Sidecar turns your iPad into an extra display for Mac with support for Apple Pencil.
  • Find My Phone and Find My Friends combined into one app Find My that will also exist as a MacOS application. Even if the device is offline, it is possible to search using a mesh Bluetooth network.
  • iMac and MacBook are getting the activation lock, which allows you to send signal to effectively lock the device after it is lost or stolen.
  • A deeper and much more functional voice control.
  • Project Catalyst allows application developers faster to reconfigure my iPad apps for macOS, using as a basis the existing code base of iOS apps.

Let’s remind, that earlier Apple 20 years hid a dangerous bug in macOS. And recently, iPhone and iPad improvement, which caused anger among users.

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