Great collection of summer for Moisson Québec

Grande collecte estivale pour Moisson Québec

The financial impact continues to be felt in québec households who, despite the assistance from the federal government, are turning more than ever towards the food banks.

At the dawn of the new school year, Moisson Québec is organizing this end of the week, a great collection summer, non-perishable foods to help families in need.

In order to comply with the safety instructions put in place by the government, the organization has decided to reap the food as a form of service to the steering wheel.

“It is super safe, we have our masks, it was our Purell, it opens chests and picks up the food,” explains Catherine Martel, coordinator of communications of Moisson Québec.

“You only have to present you here with your car, place the food in the trunk of your car in a bag or in a box,” says Jinny Nadeau, director of marketing at Laurier Québec and Place Ste-Foy.

The needs have doubled in Moisson Québec at the beginning of the pandemic in march.

“We went from 34 500 people per month to 70,000,” says Ms. Martel.

Six months later, she believes that they are now at least 50,000 to come get the supplies from them.

The concern related to a possible second wave of the COVID-19 is the heart of the approach of the organization.

“The period of the school year in the fall is already difficult. Normally, this is a time when we need to give a lot. So, there, we don’t take chances,” says Catherine Martel.

Cash donations are also accepted. With just 1$, Moisson Québec’s said to be able to make three meals. It is, therefore, to say that a simple donation of$ 20 can feed a family for a month, advance Ms. Martel.

To make a donation, just go in the parking lot of the Walmart at Laurier Québec. Moisson Québec will accept donations from 10h to 16h Sunday.

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