Great moment of embarrassment in Deal concluded, a buyer of Sophie Davant sharply reframes a saleswoman

Great moment of embarrassment in Affaire concluded, a buyer of Sophie Davant sharply reframes a saleswoman

By Benoit Mandin TV Journalist Journalist specializing in the world of television, Benoit never misses an episode of Love is in the meadow, The Voice, Dance with the stars, Mask Singer, Star Academy or Who wants to be my partner. He is also a fan of Quotidien, C à vous and L’heure des pros. Sophie Davant presented two new episodes of Case concluded this Wednesday, February 22, 2023 on France 2. From the expertise room, the host received Jordana. This one presented itself with a birdcage, which was appraised 100 euros by Harold Hessel. A sum on which the buyers of the show did not outbid. Unease has set in for the seller in the auction room…

In this 2022/2023 season, France 2 continues to bet on Deal concluded each day in the late afternoon. Two episodes of the flea market magazine, presented by Sophie Davant, were offered this Wednesday, February 22, 2023.

During its first afternoon episode, Affaire concluded was carried by François Cases Bardina, Caroline Margeridon, Diane Chatelet, Stéphane Vanhandenhoven and Marie du Sordet. Jordana presented herself to Sophie Davant in the expertise room with a birdcage.

Harold Hessel was responsible for appraising the object. He estimated that it was worth 100 euros. Jordana headed to the auction room with every intention of getting more. Stéphane Vanhandenhoven launched hostilities with a bet of 50 euros. This was followed by a series of auctions by Marie du Sordet and Diane Chatelet.

>> A twist in Closed deal: a saleswoman abruptly ends the auction <<

A Closed deal seller em> disillusioned in the auction room

Marie du Sordet said she was ready to pay 100 euros to acquire this birdcage. Something to cool Jordana's ardor. “What do you think?”, she threw at him. The saleswoman did not hide her disappointment. “Yes, it's complicated because it's not very old for us. There have been a lot of productions…”, reacted Caroline Margeridon.

“What was the amount of the expertise?”, Marie du Sordet wondered. “100”, Jordana confessed. “And that doesn't surprise me…”, outbid Caroline Margeridon. A malaise then settled in the auction room. “What are we doing? You would have liked how many because in the end we are only both…”, outbid Marie du Sordet in front of the saleswoman.

>> Sophie Davant too haughty with the saleswomen? Her blunt response to criticism <<

“I can take a step towards you, but…”

The buyer of< em>Deal concluded has worked to put an end to this moment of discomfort. For this, she tried to find a compromise with the saleswoman. “I can take a step towards you. I don't know what your expectations were…I can go to 130, but there you go…”, she blurted. “Well, it's a bit difficult for me to part with it…”, Jordana reacted.

François Cases Bardina then took matters into his own hands. He reframed Jordana curtly, reminding her that she could opt for an unfinished business. She confessed that she would have hoped for at least 300 euros. “Ah the cow!”, exclaimed Caroline Margeridon. Finally, the seller decided to accept Marie du Sordet's offer, set at 130 euros.