Great Monday 2019: that in no case can not be done

Learn about the main customs, traditions and prohibitions a Great Monday-2019

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Великий понедельник 2019: что ни в коем случае нельзя делать

22 April – Great Monday 2019

April 22, the Orthodox people celebrate the great Week – Great Monday. This is the first day of Holy week, which is dedicated to the memory of the last days of the earthly life of Jesus Christ. “Today,” write, how to hold a Great Monday 2019, what not to do in this day and superstitions and customs on 22 April.

How to conduct a Great Monday 2019

In the days of the great Week believers participate in a special commemorative worship. On the first day of Holy week Christians venerate the old Testament Joseph, whose brothers, out of envy sold into Egypt. From April 22 preparations for the meeting of the Sunday Easter holiday. At this time the ancestors was removed and cleaned houses and yards. Today it is necessary to repair or discard all broken, that is not useful in the economy in the future.

Signs and beliefs on Great Monday

  • In the morning sky, and the sun “plays” on it – a sign of a rich harvest.
  • If you wash at the dawn of the silver or the gold plates, it will retain youth and attract prosperity into the house.

What can I eat Great Monday

Great Monday falls on lent. Calendar Orthodox fasts in this day it is allowed to drink water and eat bread, salt, raw vegetables and fruits, dried fruits, nuts and honey. By unwritten rule, some believers abstain from food in Great Monday.

Great Monday: what not to do

  • Great Monday people devote the preparations for the main Church feast – Easter. On this day, you can start cleaning the house and minor repairs. While cleaning the house is necessary to sweep off the corners with a damp rag to “kick” the disease.
  • This day should avoid all entertainment events, we can not quarrel and swear.
  • Today, some believers refuse food and water, observing strict fasting.

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