Great restaurants simplify their concepts

De grands restos simplifient leurs concepts

MONTREAL – The restaurateurs of the famous Montreal have decided to completely change their vocation, to have a chance to replenish their coffers after three months of closure.

This is the case of the popular chef Danny St-Pierre, who launched the pizza and that does not intend to stop anytime soon.

“I already had a local in the Boxotel that was designed to be a small cocktail bar. When the COVID has boarded, I took a step back,” said le cordon bleu, which now offers in Accomodation Danny pizza Detroit-style (with thick crust).

“I took time to start, but I started to cook meals for the week and I was cooking pizza. I realized that the pizza was popular, and it has completely exploded,” he added.

For his part, the chef Martin Juneau has also used creativity to restart the operations of the restaurant Pastaga, which has changed its name to Bistro Pastaga.

“There is a law that requires us to serve clients far away from each other. Inevitably, we can only make half of the income with the same monthly costs. We had to be inventive,” said the chef-owner.

“It was necessary to simplify the food, he said. We are accustomed to with our clients in the food top of the range, but we will simplify our approach at the plate, but with the same quality of food. The idea is to make bistro-style dishes more accessible and more user-friendly, but all so good and delicious.”

In fine dining, the chef Jérôme Ferrer of Europea, invites the curious to discover the concept of temporary “Epicure Land”.

“I couldn’t ask people for a sum of $ 250 for a meal of 12 services in the Europea, no pepper, no salt, no flowers on the tables… I had to find a new model and a new concept and from there we came Epicure’s Land. I want to allow my employees to work and for people to leave”, he said.

“The restaurant is transformed into amusement park greedy where families are welcome, he said. We used five services for only $ 50 per adult and $ 25 for children. This will be just as gourmet.”


These changes in vocation have positive points, according to the heads.

“I hated all of this obvious serious which takes time: an entry, another entry, then the dish… It is too long for my taste,” said Danny St Pierre. I like places where you stay a hour and it is well made. To leave Danny, there will be no server. People will eat directly in the pizza boxes. It’s going to be a concept hybrid.”

Martin Juneau, who will continue his orders for take-out, addresses in the same direction.

“The more you have of employees, plus you have problems of human relations, the conflicts, the internal conflicts with the clients… We are going to try to keep to a formula with fewer employees to have the feeling of regaining control of our company, as it has done in the last three months,” he said.

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