Great Southern White

Great Southern White


With the fashion for natural and light wines, we forget that certain carefully crafted Southern whites can give rise to great tasting moments.< /em> 

This is precisely the case with this blend dominated by Grenache Blanc to which Roussanne and Viognier are added. Everything is vinified and aged for a year in large tuns. The result is a wine with a golden color. Lots of sparkle on the nose with already complex notes of wax, candied citrus, ginger and white pepper. It is especially in the mouth that the magic manifests itself. We feel a glycerinated substance, almost rich, articulated around a low acidity, but with high quality bitterness and a fruitiness that remains fresh, which leaves an impression of a very dry wine, without heaviness. and surprisingly drinkable. Long tasty finish, admittedly slightly heady (the wine still displays 14.5% alcohol!), where tones of dried mango and lime intertwine. This is the very essence of what a great Southern white should be. Not really a pool wine, but more of a table wine. It made a wonderful pairing with Cajun-style salmon. In short, it deserves 4 stars! 

Mourgues du Grès, Les Capitelles white 2018, Costières de Nîmes, France

$31.25 – SAQ code 13944781 – 14.5% – 2.6 g/L – Organic

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