Great wave of support for the VIVA MÉDIA fundraising fundraising fund for Moisson Sud-Ouest | VIVA MEDIA

Great wave of support for the VIVA MÉDIA fundraising fundraising fund for Moisson Sud-Ouest |  VIVA MEDIA

The event took place at four predetermined intersections in the Vaudreuil-Soulanges region. The volunteers were in Pincourt, in the Vaudreuil sector, in the Dorion sector and in Saint-Zotique.

A collection out of the ordinary

With the context, additional security measures had to be put in place. Each volunteer was provided with a safety visor, mask and gloves. All offered by the company Infografilm.

“You get used to the mask and the visor,” explains Denise Bergeron, councilor for district 3 in Pincourt. It was cold, so that kept us warm while we collected the donations. “

Personal protective equipment did not dampen the enthusiasm of donors according to Mathieu Miljours, director general of the Vaudreuil-Soulanges Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He mentions that the population has been generous.

Despite all these measures, the conduct of the Grand Collection went as usual. VIVA MÉDIA owner Marie-Andrée Prévost adds that this event works like a well-oiled machine, as it has been taking place in the region for more than 10 years.

“The people at Moisson Sud-Ouest and I know who to contact to be the head of the sector and who to select to count the money raised,” explains Ms. Prévost. Recruiting volunteers has been more difficult this year, however; this is not our first rodeo. We rolled up our sleeves and started this fundraising campaign. “

Volunteers with hearts on their hands

The volunteers were all pleasantly surprised by the generosity of the people. Peter Schiefke, Member of Parliament for Vaudreuil-Soulanges indicates that he felt like he was in the election campaign.

“I go from car to car collecting donations while greeting and thanking people,” exclaims Mr. Schiefke. It must be more than 9 months since I had the opportunity to see and discuss with citizens. It did me a lot of good. “

Volunteers like Julie Legault and Sandra Parent were impressed with people’s response. “People are so generous this year, it warms my heart,” says Julie Legault. Those who had no money would return later in the day to give. What a great event! “

The mayor of Pincourt, Yvan Cardinal, was smiling, he who has participated in the event since day one. He appreciated the contact with his population.

“I had a lot of surprised faces to see me on a street corner at 7 am, launches the mayor. People didn’t expect to see me and they were all happy to be able to help the cause. I even managed to get a donation from a cyclist. I was pretty proud. “

Organizers happy with donor response

The organizers at Moisson Sud-Ouest and VIVA MÉDIA are happy with the turn of events.

“We raised over $ 17,000 for Moisson Sud-Ouest,” exclaims Ms. Prévost. This money will be used throughout the year by the organization to supplement the grocery baskets. “

The owner of VIVA MÉDIA remains realistic, it is a big drop in donations compared to other years.

“The recruitment of volunteers was long and arduous,” she says. The companies that usually send employees are some in difficulty at the moment and could not help us. “

Ms. Prévost invites companies that have had a good year despite the pandemic to be generous and to continue giving for a good cause. She encourages companies to donate $ 10 per employee to Moisson Sud-Ouest’s virtual campaign. Owners who wish to participate should contact Marie-Andrée Prévost to discuss the terms.

“Hunger is all year round,” she says. The annual donation campaign is still ongoing and you can donate on our site at “

Our partners

We must also thank all the partners who gave their time for this fundraising. Without them, there would have been no event.

Thanks to :

  • City of Pincourt
  • City of Saint-Zotique
  • City of Vaudreuil-Dorion
  • Notre-Dame-de-Fatima Center
  • South West Harvest
  • Referral
  • Club Richelieu Vaudreuil-Dorion
  • Miljours Avocats Inc.
  • Aqua-Pumps Inc.
  • Autoforce Group
  • Lapointe Refrigeration Inc.
  • La Belle & La Boeuf Vaudreuil-Dorion
  • Office of the deputy for Vaudreuil-Soulanges Peter Schiefke
  • Office of the MNA for Salaberry-Suroît Claude DeBellefeuille
  • Brunet Group
  • Familla Group
  • Remax Team St-Denis Bouchard real estate brokers
  • MH inspection Inc.









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