Greece has prepared a project for building a base on the moon

В Греции подготовили проект для строительства базы на Луне

The development concept was engaged architecture students.

In the framework of the ESA space program a group of Greek students, which included future architects, biologists, aerospace engineers, physicians, etc., introduced the unusual concept of a lunar base of inflatable modules that will be installed in a small crater, Selene, reports the with reference to Esoreiter.

This is how the project Manager architect Angelus, Alfaris: “the Main task that we set ourselves is to create such modules, which, on the one hand, to fully protect people from the adverse external conditions and ensure their comfortable stay on the moon, and on the other was assembled from materials that colonizers will have on hand that is produced on the satellite of the Earth.”

A unique database will be collected according to the principle can not remember: first in a small crater is the first (main) an inflatable model, which is sprinkled with soil, and then he piled all the other modules. This design will reliably protect people from radiation, low temperatures and normal for Selene meteorite strikes.

It is planned to establish a base at the lunar South pole, where there are plenty of small craters. The thing is, as they say, for small – to launch manned flights to the satellite of the Earth.

By the way I note that in the past year, the concept of a lunar base won second place in the contest Moon Village Association and the project developers Alifatica already published on the official website of the European space Agency.

As we have already mentioned, the lunar race in the world today is gaining new momentum. For example, Russia intends to send astronauts in 2031, and 2034, to build the first Russian lunar base.

How it will be different by the time today’s presentation, what would it be, hard to say, but it is possible that Greek students have the gift of foresight, and their project, or some ideas will be in the future put into practice, when the colonization of the moon will begin, not in words but in reality…

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