Greece opens its sky to 29 countries, from 15 June

La Grèce ouvre son ciel à 29 pays à partir du 15 juin

Greece announced on Friday that it would open its airports of Athens and Thessaloniki (north) to tourists from 29 countries worldwide from 15 June, the date of the beginning of the tourist season, according to the ministry of Tourism.

Fifteen countries of the european Union (EU) are included on this list, including Germany, Austria, Denmark, Finland, the Czech Republic, the baltic countries, Cyprus or Malta, as well as the balkan countries, neighbors of Greece.

France, Spain, the United Kingdom or Italy, the most affected by the pandemic Covid-19 in Europe, are not for the moment included on this list, according to a press release by the Greek ministry of Tourism.

In addition to the EU, tourists from Switzerland, Norway, the neighboring balkan countries of Greece such as Albania, Serbia or Macedonia, to the North, are also permitted to land at the airports of Athens or Thessaloniki, second Greek town in the north of the country.

On this list are also Australia, Japan, Israel, Lebanon, China, New Zealand and South Korea.

The ministry has not excluded the extension of this list by 1 July, the date of the opening of the regional airports in greece.

“The list of 29 countries has been developed following a study of the epidemiological profile of each country,” taking into account the recommendations issued Thursday by the european Agency of air security (EASA) and the report of the Greek commission of infectious diseases, ” said the ministry.

A screening of the new coronavirus will be conducted on the tourists coming from these countries, said the ministry.

After the déconfinement gradual began on may 4, the Greece has announced the opening of its hotels in the year on the 1st of June before the hotels seasonal June 15, the date as of the beginning of the tourist season.

Less affected than its european partners, Greece regrets so far 175 people dead and 2906 cases of infection with the novel coronavirus.

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