Greece: the Iranian embassy targeted by a Molotov cocktail

Greece: Iranian embassy targeted by Molotov cocktail


A Molotov cocktail was thrown overnight from Saturday to Sunday at the Iranian embassy in Athens, without causing any damage, the Greek news agency Athens News Agency (ANA) reported on Sunday.

The agency cites Greek police as saying that around 01:00 (10:00 GMT Saturday evening), two people riding a motorbike with their faces covered threw the Molotov cocktail which exploded at the embassy wall.

On Saturday afternoon, around 200 people gathered in Syntagma Square in central Athens to protest Iran's crackdown on protests that followed the death of Mahsa Amini after she was arrested by city police. mores.

Iranian women cut their hair in a gesture of solidarity with Mahsa Amini, holding up signs with the slogan: “Say her name!”.