Greek lawyer gives Hitler salute amid Golden Dawn trial

Greek lawyer gives Hitler salute amid Golden Dawn trial hearing e


The lawyer for an MEP and ex-executive of the neo-Nazi Greek party Golden Dawn made the Hitler salute on Friday in the middle of the hearing of the appeal trial of those responsible for this formation, according to judicial sources at the 'AFP. 

Known for his anti-Semitic and far-right positions, Konstantinos Plevris, who is also the father of the current Minister of Health, Thanassis Plevris, defends before an Athens Court of Appeal Ioannis Lagos, elected to the European Parliament and former Golden Dawn executive sentenced to 13 years and eight months in prison.

Former Golden Dawn executives and leaders are on trial in this court for the September 2013 murder of committed Greek rapper Pavlos Fyssas, stabbed to death.

Sharp Exchange

According to a judicial source, Konstantinos Plevris had a lively exchange with the civil party and Magda Fyssa, mother of the victim and emblematic figure of the anti-fascist movement. She is the main witness in this trial, which began in June.

“We have experienced threats (…), the terror of the Golden Dawn militias”, “the worst being that 'we even heard that (Ioannis) Lagos is a + political prisoner + ”, protested Magda Fyssa, applauded by certain sympathizers of the anti-fascist movement present in the room.

Protesting against this applause, Konstantinos Plevris then stood up to perform the Nazi salute: “It is not prohibited by law”, he said, according to a judicial source.

The President of the Court suspended the session after this gesture which is not subject to prosecution in Greece, unlike other European countries such as Germany.

Shocking murder

The assassination of Pavlos Fyssas, perpetrated by a member of Golden Dawn with the support of its leaders, deeply shocked a country then in economic and social slump.

Golden Dawn, a party that then sat in Parliament, had until then enjoyed virtual impunity from the authorities. 

“Your court must judge whether the Nazi salute is tolerated in the room”, says is insurgent Kostas Papadakis, lawyer for the civil party, addressing the President of the Court.

Mr. Papadakis told AFP that during the previous hearing, Golden Dawn supporters gave the Nazi salute in the room during a recess.