Green electricity for more than 22,000 Gardois, the little Bocuse, cinema at the arenas… the essential news in the region

Green electricity for more than 22,000 Gardois, the little Bocuse, cinema at the arenas... the essential news in the region

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The Petits Bocuse awarded to apprentice chefs

#GARD – Purple Campus Nîmes-Marguerittes hosted the 10th Petits Bocuse graduation ceremony. Every year, the establishment organizes cooking workshops for young people aged 10 to 14, in partnership with the Paul-Bocuse Foundation. These workshops offer middle school students the opportunity to learn to cook under the guidance of professionals. To close this learning, the young talents made a buffet in the presence of parents and trainers. Dimitri Descy, head of the Tourism-Hospitality-Catering division, declared: "These workshops allow young people to discover the pleasures of cooking and develop a real passion for gastronomy.& quot;

The number of the day: 9

#BEZIERS – This is the price in euros of an open-air cinema screening in the Béziers arenas . This is the first time that the site has hosted this event. Since July 1, 2024, every Monday until the end of August (excluding concert and fair days), this is the opportunity to (re)discover films cults. Monday is Bohemian Rhapsody, the feature film retracing the destiny of the group Queen which began the summer cycle. Sessions are free for children under 4 years old.

Green energy for more than 22,000 Gardois

#SAINT-MARTIN-DE-VALGALGUES –In the Gard, the Lavabreille photovoltaic park, owned by TotalEnergies, in the town of Saint-Martin-de-Valgégales, will be inaugurated and will allow more than 22,500 inhabitants of Alès Agglo to benefit from energy. carbon-free electricity. "This represents one in six inhabitants, explains the mayor. With the 30 Lavabreille hectares, the 6 du Crès, the roofs Equipped with the mechanical center, the school and technical services, we are, by far, the first producer of short circuit electricity in the urban area." Although he is satisfied with the fact that the municipality is at the forefront in the production of renewable energy, the elected official is nevertheless bitter about the financial shortfall. The municipality should have received 400,000 euros per year for this installation. But the law has changed: the property tax for panels has disappeared, and only transformers give rise to taxation. "Between the various taxes, what Alès Agglo pays us, we have around 33,000 euros per year", specifies the’elected official.

A peaceful access “Cycling”

#TRAINS –Since July 1 and until August 31, 2024, the Region and SNCF have been experimenting with reserving bicycle spaces on board liO trains. The number of bicycle spaces being limited, the “Access Vélo Serein” allows travelers to take regional trains while ensuring a place for their bike. All so-called classic bikes are affected. If the reservation has not been made, access to the train will be refused or the user will have to pay a flat rate of 10 euros. Reservation on A collective “Vélo not serene” had alerted: "This measure aims to limit bicycles in TER trains under the pretext of safety. Currently, the number of bicycles on the train far exceeds 12 bicycles."

The connected police

#HERAULT – The national police are increasing their range of digital services by now offering online appointment booking before going to the police stations. This system is in place in Hérault. To benefit from it, you must first go to the “My Security” and click on “Make an appointment”. The user is then asked to check whether a trip to a police station is necessary, specifying their situation. If travel is necessary, making an appointment is suggested and the appointment validated by email.

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