Green light at back in the classroom for the summer course at the secondary level

Feu vert au retour en classe pour les cours d’été au secondaire

The high school students will return to school this summer to take a course of catch-up.

The minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, has informed the school network in a letter sent in the early evening on Wednesday.

The first summer course will be offered from the beginning of July. Students will be required to comply with the rule of two meters in groups of maximum 15 students.

“I am very pleased to have obtained this authorization of the public health,” said Mr. Roberge, in an interview with The Journal.

The latter is delighted that students who were unsuccessful on the first two steps can catch up thanks to the summer course in class. “There are young people who will get a diploma because of these courses”, he launched.

The minister is confident that the school network can accommodate the same number of students as in previous years, in spite of the sanitary measures. “I don’t want to deprive students who are failed and who want to resume”, he said.

Camps teaching optional

The minister Roberge has also announced a relaxation on the “camps teaching” for students in difficulty, who will be able to return to class as early as next week.

However, schools are not forced to organize this back in class three weeks from the end of the school year, as was noted in Quebec on Monday.

It is now a “new option” that schools can put in place if they have the opportunity and if they deem it necessary, the minister may specify.

Students will be invited to participate on a voluntary basis on the invitation.

This announcement had created the surprise in the school system. School principals were opposed, believing that the time of organization were unrealistic for an initiative that occurs too late, at the end of the school year.

In some schools, the staff is no longer available in sufficient numbers to offer these camps to teaching, and now recognizes Mr. Roberge.

“You don’t want to no more drop students who have a good service of distance education to assign teachers to (these camps are teaching). What we found is that it’s going to be possible, but not everywhere,” he said.

The latter recognizes that the initiative occurs late, while pointing out that this permission was granted last Friday by the public health. “I would have loved to have permission before, believe me”, he dropped.

“Blitz” for the new school year

The minister board a “major blitz” in September, in order that the students can do “a great time of catching up” in the beginning of the school year.

Discussions with experts in pedagogy and school principals are ongoing on this subject.

It is not a question of getting ahead of the school year earlier in August. “This is not on my radar screen,” repeated Mr. Roberge.

The minister hopes to be set on the scenario of back-to-school that will receive the endorsement of the public health here, “maximum a week”.

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