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Green light from the prosecutor for the publication of a testimony in the Polanski case

Prosecutor gives green light to publication of testimony in Polanski case


The Los Angeles District Attorney announced Tuesday that he will no longer object to the disclosure of the testimony of one of his predecessors in the underage rape charges against Roman Polanski, which the director says would prove that justice has not respected an agreement reached with him in this case. 

Roman Polanski is accused of drugging and raping then-13-year-old Samantha Gailey in Los Angeles in 1977.

According to a statement from Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon, his services “determined that it was in the interests of justice to agree to waive the confidentiality of the transcripts”

“This file is described in the courts as “one of the longest sagas in history. 'California legal history,' he wrote.

“For years, our services have opposed the publication of information that the victim and the public have the right to know,” continues Mr. Gascon.

We do not know the exact content of the transcripts of this testimony given behind closed doors by Roger Gunson, the prosecutor who led the prosecution against Roman Polanski at the time and who retired in 2002.

But the director's lawyers, who had unsuccessfully requested its publication on several occasions, claimed that this testimony would prove that justice did not respect the terms of an agreement concluded with him.

To avoid a public trial to Samantha Gailey, the prosecutor had dropped the most serious charges in exchange for Roman Polanski's admission of a sexual relationship with a minor.

Under this agreement, the director was sentenced to three months in prison, but had actually only spent 42 days there, before being released for good behavior.

When a judge seemed about to renege on the deal to sentence him to decades in prison, Roman Polanski flew to Paris in January 1978 and never set foot in the United States again. United ever since.

He remains the subject of an international arrest warrant and has repeatedly faced extradition.

The current Los Angeles prosecutor notes in its press release that Roman Polanski was at the time the subject of “exceptional” treatment by his predecessors and undertakes to defend the “transparency” of the judicial system so that everyone can assert their rights there.< /p>

However, he insists that the director, who turns 89 next month, 'remains a fugitive' and 'should go to court to be sentenced in Los Angeles County Superior Court' .

Samantha Gailey publicly pardoned Roman Polanski in 1997.

The director has been accused by several other women of betraying them. r raped when they were minors, but the facts are prescribed and he has always denied them.

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