Green light to the déconfinement gradual team sports

Feu vert au déconfinement graduel des sports d’équipe

Advice to athletes : Québec gives green light to the déconfinement gradual team sports outside such as baseball or soccer as of 8 June.

But be careful, for the moment, only the training supervised will be allowed and the distancing physics of two metres must be respected. The sports teams will therefore need to be adapted to maintain this distance physics.

The matches could resume at the end of the month of June, subject to approval by the public health guides prepared by the different sports federations.

The outdoor private swimming pools will also be open from the 8th of June, announced minister Isabelle Charest.

In short:

  • In response to the report of the Journal this morning, François Legault was assured that the compilation of death should be entirely by electronic means by a week and not more by fax and by mail.
  • Feeling that there was a certain laxity in the province, François Legault launches a warning to Quebec.
  • François Legault has launched an appeal to “all those who have a doubt” to be tested.
  • The prime minister intends to seek commitments to the people who will receive paid training to become a care attendant.

More details to come…

– With the collaboration of Vincent Larin


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