Grégory Lemarchal : 15 years after its victory, the alumni of the Star Academy, pays tribute to her

Grégory Lemarchal : 15 ans après sa victoire, les anciens de la Star Academy lui rendent hommage

Grégory Lemarchal : 15 years after its victory, the alumni of the Star Academy, pays tribute to her

It has been 15 years old this Sunday, December 22, 2019, that Grégory Lemarchal won the Star Academy. Nikos Aliagas, who hosted the show but also the former participants of the game have paid tribute to the young singer disappeared.

Nikos wrote a tender message to Grégory Lemarchal

This Sunday, December 22, 2019, that has been 15 years that Grégory Lemarchal won the season 4 of Star Academy. The little angel gone too soon was captivated viewers with his golden voice. While a biopic about his life, titled Why I live, is expected in 2020 on TF1, those who have known during the show that made him a star paid him tribute. Nikos Aliagas, who hosted the talent show which was won by the singer, was keen to express his love for the one who is no more.

“15 years ago #gregorylemarchal won the #StarAcademy” thus wrote Nikos, nostalgic, on his Twitter account. The presenter also added with emotion that this victory was for the young artist, “a revenge on life and on the disease”.

His former comrades of the promo also paid him tribute

In addition to the message of the presenter and many of the anonymous, the former comrades of promotion of Grégory Lemarchal also have been held to pay tribute to him. Together at the Star Academy 4, Karima Charni, Lucie Bernardoni, Sofiane Tadjine and Mathieu Johann remembered with affection the time when the interpreter to Write the story came out the winner.

“Some of the chronic can affect us more than others…#GregoryLemarchal #15” confessed Karima Charni, very affected by the disappearance of Grégory Lemarchal. Lucie Bernardoni has posted with emotion : “15 years. It was a December 22”.

You can release the pressure my brother” has assured Sofiane, who has tried his luck this year in a foreign version of The Voice, “The shoulder is generous, sincere and caring… 15 years… you came… you saw… you defeated… I was I am and I will always be one of your biggest fan… even if it is me who would have had to earn my small face of quiche”. A message tender and full of humor.

Mathieu Johann, has also paid tribute to his ex-friend promo, while announcing that he and the elders of the Star Ac will soon return to music : “fifteen years ago. Greg won the final and was above our wildest dreams. Soon to return to our lovely band of music, for the benefit of the asso @A_GregLemarchal”.

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