Grégory Lemarchal : Karine Ferri, Karima Charni… the inspiring tributes, 12 years after his death

Grégory Lemarchal : Karine Ferri, Karima Charni... les hommages émouvants, 12 ans après sa mort

Grégory Lemarchal : Karine Ferri, Karima Charni, Michal, pays tribute to her 12 years after his death

It is a sad anniversary that we celebrate this Tuesday, April 30, 2019 : it’s been 12 years, Grégory Lemarchal died of complications of cystic fibrosis. Many people have held to pay tribute to him, including Karine Ferri, Michal, Karima Charni or Lucie Bernardoni.

12 years already… This Tuesday, 30 April 2019, it is a sad anniversary that we celebrate today : that of the death of Grégory Lemarchal. April 30, 2007, the winner of Star Academy 4 would die after a long fight against cystic fibrosis. On this day sadly special, Karine Ferri was held to pay tribute to the man with whom she stayed as a couple for 2 years. The moderator has posted on his account Instagram a photo of him in black and white, with this message : “Gregory has left its mark in the hearts of millions of people, and in the fight against cystic fibrosis. We think of him, and to those who struggle against this disease.”, adding the hashtag “NeJamaisOublier”, “NeJamaisBaisserLesBras”, “EnsembleOnEstPlusFort” and “LeCombatContinue”. It is in this context that it has tagged the association Grégory Lemarchal, in which she is very invested.

Tributes touching

But it is not the only one to think of him today : Karima Charni, candidate of season 4 of Star Academy, has posted “from time To time, I tend to think not of tears, it is to be strong. Basically what I expect is to see the end of our efforts, that love will be there still”. Lucie Bernardoni, finalist in front of him, she also wanted to pay tribute to him. Michal, a former candidate of the 3rd season of Star Academy has posted on Instagram a photo of the two of them now grinning : “just A moment for you Greg, I think, necessarily to you today and I laugh so much seeing this photo after all these years. I hope you’ll forgive me my choice, but I feel that yes 😉 12 years later we haven’t forgotten you.” If it has not yet posted messages, Nikos Aliagas has retweeted a tribute, proving that he thinks of him in this special day. Many fans have also had a thought for the singer in this sad anniversary.

The fans are also likely to have paid tribute :


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