Grenade found in Brossard, was charged

La grenade trouvée à Brossard était chargée

The grenada discovery inside an old box of memories in an apartment in Brossard last week contained much of the explosive, but was unlikely to explode, indicated Tuesday the canadian armed Forces.

“The grenade had a small chance to explode because it lacked a detonator, said on Tuesday that lieutenant Hermione Wilson, of the canadian armed Forces, based in Montreal. Only a strong heat would be able to react. “

Last Thursday, his discovery has, however, led to a huge deployment police and that a total evacuation of a residential area on the avenue Trahan. The operation has caused a scare among the tenants evacuated, until in the evening.

To 14 h, a tenant of the Terrace Royal on the South Shore of Montreal, Lysanne Morin, was busy in emptying the apartment of a man of about 70 years, who died a month earlier.

“I opened a box of books, and I’ve seen it at the bottom. It was very heavy, tells the lady, about the grenade stored. It was impressive to hold. “

His guide then hurry to drop the subject of war, and not to touch it, suspecting his level of dangerousness. Excited by his find, Ms. Morin was quick to call 911.

“If someone had taken it for a toy, it could have been dangerous,” said she now, ensuring all the same, having handled the explosives with care.

Second world War

Artificer of the armed Forces have been called in reinforcement to the police officers of the urban agglomeration of Longueuil and the Sûreté du Québec to secure the grenade.

“As it was potentially active, it has secured for transport,” said lieutenant Wilson. The next step is to destroy it. “

According to the army, it would be a ” very old model “, derived possibly from the time of the Second world War.

“It would be a remembrance of the family of his father, who was a soldier, advance Frédérique Fournier, the manager of the building. It was a very good tenant, a family man who kept all the memories of his parents. He was always kind, peaceful and smiling. “

“What are the scheduled cases, the already-seen, details the ex-technician in explosives to the police of Montreal, Richard Thouin. In my time, we often had cases of people who had kept it in memory of their loved one. If it had exploded, it would have been able to cause extreme damage, especially damage to human. “

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