Grenoble-MHR: “Oh firecracker”, it was hot for the Montpellier supporters, going through all the emotions

Grenoble-MHR: “Oh firecracker”, it was hot for the Montpellier supporters, going through all the emotions

Les supporters du MHR en nombre à Grenoble. Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

Ils étaient environ 2000 supporters à Grenoble pour soutenir leur équipe qui a fini par décrocher le maintien en Top 14.

A huge sigh of relief and lots of tears. Proof that the MHR came very close to disaster to finally win on the wire against valiant Grenoblois (18-20): "I cry with joy and fear, blew Fred, loyal supporter. Thanks to the players, they went for this victory."

Rather confident before the meeting, the Montpellier residents went through all the emotions for 80 minutes despite the popular support of the Héraultais who came around 2000 to the Stade des Alpes.

"Support in good times and bad"

The last time there were so many of them on the road was two years ago for the final of the French championship at the Stade de France. Another setting, different stakes but the MHR supporters responded to the call for this life and death match.

"Supporting Montpellier means being there in the good times but also in the bad times", explained Eric on the road leading to this magnificent Isère setting installed at the ;shadow of the Chartreuse Massif.

Before kick-off, the Les Loustic du Pic fanfare ensured the atmosphere in the aisles of the stadium, the MHR mascot waddled and the beer flowed freely. But, at the bottom of the stand reserved mainly for Montpellier residents, looks were worried.

The consistent start to the match by the Montpellier players, with two tries (3-14, 20th) was enough to reassure them. Except that at half-time, with the benefit of a turnaround in a boiling enclosure inflamed by the 20,000 local spectators, it was a soup of grimaces for the Montpellier side ( 18-14). At the break, all doubts were allowed.

At the edge of the precipice

The second period was unbearable. Everyone imagined a future season in the second division. The MHR and its public found themselves hand in hand on the edge of the precipice.

With the sun in their eyes, the people of Montpellier waved their flags. There were 10 minutes left to play, they didn't give up like their players on the pitch who fought a bitter duel against the Grenoblois. Carbonel's penalty 5 minutes from time gave back the advantage to the MHR and saw its supporters who stood up as one man: "Here, here, it’is Montpellier" , they shouted.

Like his team, the Montpellier team suffered for 80 minutes but they did it, all together. They will play in the Top 14 next season. Oh firecracker, it was hot.

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