Grey’s Anatomy season 15 : Andrew will he leave the series ? The trailer’s intense final

Grey’s Anatomy season 15 : Andrew will he leave the series ? The trailer’s intense final

More than one episode for season 15 of ” Grey’s Anatomy before the summer holidays ! Even if the string ABC, which broadcasts the series in the United States still has not officially ordered a season 16 for the series for medical, it seems already assured. But will she be without Giacomo Gianniotti who plays the role of Andrew DeLuca ? The trailer of the episode 25, last new season, sows doubt. Warning, this article contains spoilers.

A new beginning is in the offing-t-he in Grey’s Anatomy ? In episode 23, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), to save a little girl without paper, decided to operate under the name of his daughter Ellis, so that the small Gabi could benefit from his insurance. One thing that is finally – somewhat – turned against it. In episode 24 aired this Thursday in the United States on ABC and available for us in the US+24 sur MyTF1VOD, Andrew (Giacomo Gianniotti) decided to wear the hat, and claimed to have made this decision. Result ? It was taken by the police.

Andrew in jail ?

Then, the character will he end up in jail and so leave the series in the wake of Grey’s Anatomy ? Although it seems unlikely, we can still fear for the future of the young house. The trailer of the episode 25 of season 15 which will be the last before the summer break seems to suggest that the case is not going to stop there since Bailey’s (Chandra Wilson) don’t hesitate to ask questions to Richard (James Pickens Jr), also at the current. For its part, Meredith could relate to Alex (Justin Chambers). So, how Andrew will he get out but on every other start will be there at the program after those of April (Sarah Drew) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) in the final of the season 14 ?

A fog of mortal to come ?

In parallel with this plot, a thick fog will invade Seattle and put in danger some doctors. Among them ? Teddy (Kim Raver), on the point of giving birth, will have to rely on the support of Amelia (Caterina Scorsone). Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Schmitt (Jake Borelli) will on their side be stuck in a huge accident. Anything to keep us in suspense !


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