Grey’s Anatomy-season 15 : the disappearance, doctors collect… the 4 moments of the final

Grey's Anatomy saison 15 : une disparition, des médecins virés... les 4 moments forts du final

Grey’s Anatomy-season 15 : the disappearance, doctors collect… the 4 moments of the final

Season 15 of ” Grey’s Anatomy is over ! This Thursday, may 16, ABC was broadcasting in the United States the episode 25, which marked the end of the season. But that happened before the big summer break ? Between a disappearance, of the departures of the hospital and statements, return on the 4 moments. Warning, this article contains spoilers.

The season series ends ! After the last episode of season 3 of Riverdale and the ultimate episode of The Big Bang Theory, it is also the season 15 of “Grey’s Anatomy , which finished yesterday in the United States. Don’t panic, the series come back in the fall for season 16 season 17 is already confirmed) but the wait promises to be long ! It must be said that the episode 25 we reserved more than one surprise.

Three doctors collect

The Grey Sloan Memorial is it to lose three doctors of a sudden ? In previous episodes of season 15 of ” Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) decided to commit insurance fraud by putting the name of his daughter Ellis on papers to make a little girl. Except that it turned against it and that Andrew (Giacomo Gianniotti) decided to wear the hat and was arrested by the police. In episode 25, Meredith decided to take things into your own hand and confessed that she was responsible. Wanting to save his job, Alex (Justin Chambers) and Richard (James Pickens Jr) said that they were also responsible for this act and had knowledge. The decision of Bailey (Chandra Wilson) in the face of these statements ? The kick all three ! In the end of the episode, Meredith said “goodbye” to her children, believing that she was going to go to the police.

The statement of Owen to Teddy

At the end of episode 24, Teddy (Kim Raver) lost to waters in the face of Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) as they were at Owen. Arrival at the hospital, she was to Owen (Kevin McKidd) that made her a real declaration of love in full delivery. Yes, he chose well Teddy and wants him to prove that he loves her. Teddy did not answer him and they were interrupted by the arrival of their daughter, Alison.

But where is Jackson ?

On the side of the couple, Jackson (Jesse Williams) / Maggie (Kelly McCreary), this was not the life in pink. In the middle of the forest, the two characters have been at the centre of a great dispute, which seemed to leave their relationship at breaking point. But this is not the most worrying. While he was gone on foot, despite the intense fog, Jackson seemed to have disappeared at the end of the episode. But what happened to him ?

The decision of moving to Jo

Nothing goes to Jo (Camilla Luddington) since she discovered the truth about her origins : she is the fruit of a rape and her biological mother that she was the rejected. In depression, she decided to be interned voluntarily in psychiatry. Alex, who has learned the truth thanks to Meredith, approved of his choice and “goodbye” were moving.

And the other couples in all of this ?

A small point of love is needed in this end of the season ! At the end of episode 25, Meredith was visiting Andrew, still in prison, and told him that she loved him. On his side, Amelia was, to Link’s (Chris Carmack) that she could consider a story more serious with him, but she needed time. Nico (Alex Landi) and Levi (Jake Borelli) réconciliaient and the house was even his darling to his mother. For his part, Tom (Greg Germann) may well have a very bad surprise at the back…

Season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy is expected to arrive in the fall on ABC in the United States and in the US+24 sur MyTF1VOD.


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