Grey’s Anatomy-season 15 : the finale will be “explosive” but “with more humor than the previous ones”

Grey's Anatomy saison 15 : le final sera "explosif" mais "avec plus d'humour que les précédents"

Grey’s Anatomy-season 15 : the finale will be “explosive” but “with more humor than the previous ones”

Every year it’s the same thing at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital, the month of may leaves no respite for the doctors of Grey’s Anatomy. And obviously, even if the final of season 15 will be lighter than the previous ones, it will keep an explosive nature. Attention spoilers.

After a new eventful year at the hospital, it was on the 16th may next year that ABC will broadcast the last episode of season 15 of ” Grey’s Anatomy. And without surprise, as just entrust Caterina Scorsone – the executor of Amelia, to TVLine, the final will be like all the others : “It really is this kind of episode is explosive when things are going downhill“.

A final lighter than the previous

Hard to know what it is necessary to truly understand through this description (the new danger at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital ? new breaks to come ?), but the actress promises that the drama will not be essential to the story. On the contrary, this episode will be “in the line of the season” with “more humour and lightness than the previous last episodes“. To make it simple : “The tone is really fun“. Of what, a priori, scratch the box “death of a doctor”. Phew.

It should be noted that Amelia will be part of the characters who find themselves at the center of the plot of this final. And obviously, the sister of Derek will have the right to something very special : “What’s happening with it lies between the romantic comedy and the farce. It’s ridiculous.” This is terribly vague, but it is hypé.


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